As a certified Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) across the U.S., our focus is to provide DBE supportive services to state Department of Transportation (DOT) across the U.S. and ACDBE vendor services. With the incoming new year and changes in the Federal Government Leadership and Administration; it is highly recommended that all entities especially states, who are presently or interested in participating in using federal dollars to complete necessary community projects must  understand the standards and implementation process to achieve and maintain a level of compliance as a federal dollars recipient.

We invited you to participate in a self-study, followed by an external study and review in reference to your compliance level of your DBE  program.  Tyler’s Communications, Inc. a DBE Supportive Services Provider is certified to determine your level of compliance or non-compliance.  Participation is a two-part process which prepares you for any unannounced, for-coming federal audits.

The Federal Government has prepared avenues to assist entities in ensuring a high level of compliance. The  Disadvantage  Business  Enterprise  Supportive Services (DBE/SS) Program is one that has been consistently operated as an adjunct to the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program; statutory (FHW) implementation of the program. The primary purpose of the DBE/SS is to provide training, assistance, and services to minority disadvantaged and women business enterprises so as to increase their activity in the program and to facilitate the firms as they develop into viable self-sufficient organizations capable of competing for and performing on federally assisted highway projects.

Attached is a complete proposal outlining the process of ensuring and moving others to a level of complete compliance. We invite you to review the proposal and we will contact you in the near future to have a personal discussion to determine your immediate needs.

We look forward to discussing with you options that are readily available. In addition, we will share with you in the near future information regarding Tyler Communications Training Conference “Federal Dollars, Compliance, and DBEs.”


Tyler Communications Inc.