Tyler Communications offers recruitment services for VASCUPP schools and government entities.

Recruitment services includes:

1.         Provide assistance in the recruitment, selection and placement of qualified candidates to fill various senior level executive positions.

2.         Provide documented expertise and significant value in recruiting senior-level executive management in higher education, medical center leadership, and physician specialties.

3.         Provide searches with utmost sensitivity in these highly visible and closely monitored positions.

4.         Provide partnerships and clarify expectations with University search committees and The Rector and Board of Visitors.  Collaborate with the University in developing an overall search plan of action, timeline, recruitment materials and design interviews and selection process. 

5.         Provide assistance in preparation and submission of advertisements for higher education and healthcare publications.

6.         Provide highly qualified candidates regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age.

7.         Ability to ensure that during the interview process, candidates feel the University's process remains confidential and sensitive.

8.         Coordinate candidate flights and any other travel arrangements.

9.         Conduct Employment Searches in Compliance with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Regulations.  The Selected Firms agree to conduct all employment searches pursuant to this RFP in accordance with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance regulations.  For each position for which an employment search is conducted, the Selected Firms will compile applicant demographic and disposition information ("information") for each applicant who meets the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Definition of an Internet Applicant and will maintain this information in a Microsoft Excel file ("record"). The record will include, at a minimum, Applicant Number or Name, Gender, Race and Ethnic Identification (Based on EEO reporting category definitions), Applicant Status, and Working Title of the position for each applicant.  Applicants must be requested to self-identify their gender and race and ethnic identification.

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